Microproductivity & Fixing PC's


Are you getting maximum performance from your computer "workforce?"
Micro Productivity serves the computer-reliant small business community throughout the Phoenix area. We provide a wide range of services from sales, installation and training to troubleshooting and repair.

Our consulting focuses on most facets of business computing including, but not limited to, security, virus and spyware protection and removal, performance enhancements, networks, Internet connections, power protection and general maintenance.

Take this easy test: Answer Yes or No
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1. I removed all Temporary Internet Files less than 10 days ago. __ __
2. With over 69,000 viruses out there just waiting to attack my system, I've been updating my virus definitions every week. __ __
3. I am using an actual surge protector and not a "power tap." __ __
4. My system NEVER seems to run slowly. __ __
5. Networking my systems was as easy as the salesman said. __ __
6. I make regular backups of all critical files and store them away from my computer. __ __
7. I think I've finally figured out how to get my scanner (camera, printer) to talk to my computer. __ __
8. I regularly scan for more than 90,000 spyware/adware programs using the latest versions of these programs. __ __

How did you do? Answered "YES " to all questions? If not:
Let us help you answer "YES " on all Eight statements and a host of other issues we deal with
every day.
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